HP Officejet 250 Mobile All in One Printer series

User Guide for HP Officejet 250 Mobile All in One Printer

Total Pages :- 108HP Officejet 250 Mobile All in One

Main Topics Covered in the Manual.

  • How do I?
  • Get started
  • Print
  • Copy and scan
  • Web services
  • Work with cartridges
  • Network setup
  • Printer management tools
  • Solve a problem
  • Appendix A Technical information


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Table of Contents

  • How do I?
  • Get started
    • Accessibility
    • HP EcoSolutions (HP and the Environment)
    • Manage power
    • Sleep mode
    • Auto-Off
    • Quiet Mode
    • Optimize Printing Supplies
    • Understand the printer parts
    • Front and side view
    • Document feeder
    • Printing supplies area
    • Back view
    • Use the printer control panel
    • Lift the printer control panel
    • Overview of buttons
    • Printer control panel display icons
    • Function tabs
    • Use the Home screen
    • Change printer settings
    • Dashboard
    • Use shortcuts
    • Paper basics
    • Recommended papers for printing
    • Order HP paper supplies
    • Tips for selecting and using paper
    • Load paper
    • Load an original in the document feeder
    • Automatic Paper Size Detection
    • Update the printer
    • Use the printer battery
    • Install or replace the battery
    • Check the battery status
    • To check battery status from the battery
    • To check battery status from the printer control panel
    • Battery status
    • Charge the battery
    • Store the battery
    • Dispose the used battery
    • Open the HP printer software (Windows)
    • Turn the printer off
  • Printer management tools
    • Toolbox (Windows)
    • HP Utility (OS X)
    • Embedded web server
    • About cookies
    • Open the embedded web server
    • Embedded web server cannot be opened
  • Solve a problem
    • Jams and paper-feed issues
      Clear a paper jam
      Read general instructions in the Help for clearing paper jams
      Learn how to avoid paper jams
      Solve paper-feed problems
      Printing issues
      Fix problems with page not printing (unable to print)
      Read general instructions in the Help for unable to print issues
      Fix print quality issues
      Read general instructions in the Help for resolving print quality issues
      Copy issues
      Scan issues
      Network and connection issues
      Fix wireless connection
      Find network settings for wireless connection
      Fix Wi-Fi Direct connection
      Printer hardware issues
      Get help from the printer control panel
      Understand printer reports
      Printer status report
      Network configuration page
      Print quality report
      Solve problems using Web Services
      Maintain the printer
      Clean the exterior
      Clean the document feeder
      Maintain the cartridge and printer
      Restore original factory defaults and settings
      HP support
  • Print
    • Print documents
    • Print brochures
    • Print on envelopes
    • Print photos
    • Print on special and custom-size paper
    • Print on both sides (manually)
    • Print with mobile devices
    • Print from mobile devices
    • Access printer features and troubleshooting information from mobile devices
    • Tips for print success
  • Copy and scan
    • Copy
    • Scan
    • Scan to a computer
    • Scan to a USB
    • Scan to email
    • Set up Scan to Email
    • Scan a document or photo to email
    • Change account settings
    • Scanning documents as editable text
    • Scan documents as editable text
    • Guidelines for scanning documents as editable text
    • Create a new scan shortcut (Windows)
    • Change scan settings (Windows)
    • Tips for copy and scan success
  • Web services
    • What are Web Services?
    • Set up Web Services
    • Use Web Services
    • HP ePrint
    • Print apps
    • Remove Web Services
  • Work with cartridges
    • Information about Cartridges
    • Check the estimated ink levels
    • Printing with black or color ink only
    • Replace the cartridges
    • Order the cartridges
    • Store printing supplies
    • Cartridge warranty information
  • Network setup
    • Set up the printer for wireless communication
    • Before you begin
    • Set up the printer on your wireless network
    • Change the connection type
    • Test the wireless connection
    • Turn on or off the wireless capability of the printer
    • Change network settings
    • Use Wi-Fi Direct
    • Easily connect and print with Bluetooth® Smart
  • Appendix A Technical information
    • Specifications
    • Regulatory information
    • Regulatory Model Number
    • FCC statement
    • VCCI (Class B) compliance statement for users in Japan
    • Notice to users in Japan about the power cord
    • Notice to users in Korea
    • Noise emission statement for Germany
    • European Union Regulatory Notice
    • Products with wireless functionality
    • Visual display workplaces statement for Germany
    • Declaration of conformity
    • Regulatory information for wireless products
    • Exposure to radio frequency radiation
    • Notice to users in Canada
    • Notice to users in Taiwan
    • Notice to users in Japan
    • Notice to users in Korea
    • Environmental product stewardship program
    • Eco-Tips
    • European Union Commission Regulation 1275/2008
    • Paper
    • Plastics
    • Material safety data sheets
    • Recycling program
    • HP inkjet supplies recycling program
    • Power consumption
    • Disposal of waste equipment by users
    • Chemical substances
    • Restriction of hazardous substance (Ukraine)
    • Restriction of hazardous substance (India)
    • China SEPA Eco Label User Information
    • China Energy Label for Printer, Fax and Copier
    • The Table of Hazardous Substances/Elements and their Content (China)
    • EPEAT
    • Battery disposal in Taiwan
    • EU Battery Directive
    • California Rechargeable Battery Take-back Notice
    • United States Call2Recycle (RBRC)

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